When I moved back to San Clemente I found that there were not many good breakfast restaurants in Dana Point.  There were larger breakfast restaurants,  but not the kind of  place were you feel at home and can feel like you are part of the family. 

So I  decided to open a restaurant with the qualities I was looking for: 

 A menu that has large portions at reasonablel prices.....

A place to come with friends and family......

A place were you can relax and feel at home......

A place were the food is as good as the company...... 

A place that I can sit at your table and tell you one of my Jokes........

With 30 some years of experience in the restaurant business and two other restaurants under my belt, I went to work on the design, looked for the perfect place, the ambience and the menu to bring to life my ideas and dreams.  So RJ's Cafe was born.

 Come in  get a taste of the end result and enjoy our cozy resturant with Tahitian styly decor, our beautiful patio and our great breakfast and lunch menu.  I will be here to greet you and make sure you have a wonderful experience. 

                                         Hope to see you there,
                                                  RJ Breeden

Est. 2003